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I have a problem with Dropbox bonus for contacts' referral. I have a PC running Ubuntu and since my Mother and my Father use the laptop very scarcely I simply added 2 users for them, so I have on the same PC the followings;

Now I had the necessity to give some files to my Father and the first thing that came to my mind was to use Dropbox. So I invited him and configured his account to use Dropbox. I gave him the files and all works fine but the famous Dropbox bonus! In fact I didn't get any 500MB for the new Dropbox user I referred.

Is this because the user is on the same machine I am? Is there some error of mine?

{ asked by Luigi Tiburzi }


Yes, it is because you used the same computer.

This is covered by the explanation of the different Dropbox referral statuses:

Ineligible means that the recipient is ineligible for the referral program. Either they have already registered an account with Dropbox or are attempting to register using the same computer as you. These restrictions are intended to prevent people from gaming the system (cheating). If you feel you this status is inaccurate or applied unfairly, double-check the email address of your recipient and try again.

{ answered by Clare Macrae }