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When I have a folder shared between me and my collegue(s) via Dropbox, can I generate a public link of it (maybe by using Dropbox for Teams)?

I know there is the possibility to "Get a link" via right-clicking from the shared folder, but thats not what I want. The "Get Link" will create a link to the Dropbox website, where one has to download that file. But I need a "raw" link, that directly opens the file and is wget proof (The Dropbox download site relies on Javascript to work).

{ asked by Dyna }


The link generated for a file is something like this:


If you replace www with dl it will take you directly to the respective file. Alternatively, adding ?dl=1 at the end of the link above, will redirect it to the dl.dropbox.com URL.

Now, if you have the link to a folder and you add ?dl=1 at the end, it will start downloading it as an archive.


(I have tested the method and it works.)

{ answered by Alex }