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I don't like how when I'm using the rich text editor in Blogger and I press Enter it inserts a <br > instead of a <p>. Is there any way to get the behavior to change? Or at least is there any way to insert a <p> without switching to the HTML tab?

I'm using Blogger in draft, by the way. I tried both the old editor and the new one; and using Press "Enter" for line breaks instead of Use <br /> tags doesn't help.

I also tried disabling Convert Line breaks, which is described as :

If Yes is selected, single hard-returns entered in the Post Editor will be replaced with single <br /> tags in your blog, and two hard-returns will be replaced with two tags (<br /><br />).

{ asked by Senseful }


This behavior isn't configurable. Both the current editor, the draft editor and the "old" editor use a combination of BR and DIV tags when they should be using P tags.

It is a mind boggling decision, and it is utterly wrong. It explains a lot of the problems with inconsistent paragraph rendering in Blogger. Perhaps it works in IE, but it doesn't work consistently in webkit browsers like Chrome and Safari.

I think the newest editor inserts two consecutive BR tags, but the older one inserted a single DIV and a single BR.

Microsoft's Windows Live Writer does things correctly as noted above. MarsEdit for OS X is less consistent, I think if it starts with a Blogger authored post it gets tag confusion.

I feel your pain.

{ answered by user6267 }