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Is there a way to change the name of a Label in Blogger (aka Blogspot) directly?

Labels are essentially tags placed on a blog entry.

If I have a label, "Fun", on several blog posts, and I would like to change it to "Funny", I would now have to go to Edit Posts section, and click on the label "Fun" (on left, which lists all posts tagged with "Fun"), which then lists all blog entries tagged "Fun".

Then, I would have to go to each one, add new label "Funny" to ALL posts listed. Then once that's done, go through the same list and remove label "Fun".

This seems tedious and quite painful to do a simple label rename. Is there an easier way?

{ asked by sunpech }


On the edit posts screen, click the label to select all posts with it applied and add the new label to all of them (Label actions -> New label). Then just delete the label.

{ answered by Gelatin }