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I am using a time tracking app that can report time spent on various categories in a day, week, month and so on. The developer tells me that the "Week" code uses a phone setting for the first day of the week and does not have its own setting exposed for that. I think that's fine.

On Windows Phone 7.x, under Region and Language settings you can see First Day of the Week along with date format and many other settings. On Windows Phone 8, there are Language and Region settings but far fewer, and first day of the week is not there. It is also not under Date and Time.

Even if I can't change this setting, how can I find out what it is? I don't know if my time totals are Monday through Sunday or Sunday through Saturday, or what. I don't really feel like hand adding them up to test for myself - the phone surely must be able to tell me this, mustn't it?

{ asked by Kate Gregory }


The first day of the week setting isn't in Windows Phone 8 anymore (Why, I don't know...). It's on the users' feature suggestions in the WP website, here.

It seems that on WP8 the first day is automatically set, depending on the Country/Region set in Language and Region.

To know which is the first day of the week on your phone, open the Calendar and choose the Month view, you'll find it as it's the first from the left.

{ answered by Michaƫl Polla }